Designed specifically for kids, this cover comes in three sizes: infant, toddler, and child.

It keeps the PICC line discreet and secure whether at home or at play. The transparent mesh window provides breathability and visual access to monitor the insertion site for infection.

The antimicrobial fabric keeps the PICC comfortably in place.


  • Available in 3"-5" circumference for babies, 5"-7" for toddlers, and 7"-9" for children
  • Mesh window provides breathability to medical dressing and visibility to PICC site to monitor for leakage and infection
  • Soft, stretchy fabric comfortably fits over Tegaderm dressing
  • Antimicrobial, EPA approved fabric lasts up to 50 washes
  • Hypoallergenic. Does not contain latex or natural rubbers
  • Sleeve is a cotton/spandex blend (92% cotton/8% spandex). Mesh is polyester.

Kid's Ultra Soft PICC Line Cover