Stay discreet and secure whether at home or on the go with the Long Ultra Soft PICC Line Cover.

This sleeve provides an additional 4 inches of coverage for those that have extended and double-lumen PICC lines. The transparent mesh window provides breathability and visual access to monitor the insertion site for infection. The antimicrobial fabric keeps the PICC comfortably in place.


  • Provides 4 additional inches of arm coverage than our Classic style. View size guide
  • Mesh window provides breathability to medical dressing and visibility to PICC site to monitor for leakage and infection
  • Soft, stretchy fabric comfortably fits over Tegaderm dressing
  • Antimicrobial, EPA approved fabric lasts up to 50 washes
  • Hypoallergenic. Does not contain latex or natural rubbers
  • Sleeve is a cotton/spandex blend (92% cotton/8% spandex). Mesh is polyester.

Long Ultra Soft PICC Line Sleeve